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Handmade with Love

ALL HOOPS ARE POLYPRO AND HDPE! [This means they are made from the perfect blend of durable and lightweight material for hooping.] Beginners welcome! Even if you are a beginner and are just testing out the waters, you deserve to have the best for a low price!

POLYPRO OR HDPE? Here are the facts about polypro and HDPE in a nutshell:

☆ Polypro is short for polypropylene. It is lightweight and fast when it moves around your body. It is generally used by professional or experienced hoopers, but it can be picked up and used well by anyone (even beginners) with enough practice. [Hoops marked with Pro are polypro.]

☆ HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene. It is the very best for beginners because it moves slower around the body than polypro due to its slightly heavier weight. I highly recommend HDPE for first-time hoopers! [Hoops marked with HD are HDPE.]

Since Galaxy Hoop is a young company and of a small scale, all production is monitored closely and personally. It is of utmost importance that quality is the #1 priority in the production of every hoop. I want you showing off your hoop skills with your new hoop for a very, very long time. 

From light and ethereal to dark and twisted - and from naked/natural hoops to intricately designed hoops - vast variety is what I strive to offer my customers (my fellow hoopers). I design hoops I personally have never seen out at hooping events or hoop shops, where there is often a plethora of gorgeous hoops on display. I want your new hoop to be one that you will be happy twirling in forever.
Some hoops you find in my shop are likely to cycle out and never come back because of discontinued tapes and materials, so if you fall in love with a certain style of hoop, snatch it!